I’m Robbie Wagner, a web developer from Virginia.

I’ve always loved making things from creating and selling my own mint flavored water in third grade, to playing around with Photoshop to design shirts, but it was when I started building custom MySpace layouts for bands that I fell in love with the web.

For the past 13 years, I’ve been learning and building on the web. From PHP and jQuery, to EmberJS and Angular, to Svelte, Astro and all the latest hotness, I’ve used it all, but no matter what shiny new frameworks come out, my heart always belongs to Ember.

In 2017 I turned my passion for Ember into a business and founded an Ember consultancy called Ship Shape. Throughout my time with Ship Shape I worked with many clients including Apple, Netflix, and Expel, and as we grew we expanded into other frameworks like Nuxt and Next.js.

Today, I work at ART19, an Amazon company, slinging EmberJS and building the next generation of podcast hosting tools. I also cohost Whiskey Web and Whatnot with Charles William Carpenter III and sometimes create videos and blog posts about the tech topic du jour.