I’ve spoken at events all around the world and been interviewed for many podcasts.

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is live on stage, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing, and I love podcast interviews because they give me the opportunity to answer questions instead of just present my opinions.


Whiskey Web and Whatnot Live at EmberConf

EmberConf 2023

Chatting with Ed Faulkner, Ember Core Team Member and Founder at Polynomial LLC, live at EmberConf about the challenges with package management, how using Vite with Ember will impact developer experience and the value of knowing how to debug.

Talking to Your Dog with Ember

EmberConf 2020

Have you ever wished you knew what your dog was saying when they were barking? Now you can! This talk showcases how we can use Ember and the Web Audio API to decipher different dog barks and translate them into something more meaningful.

Ember Data - It's Not Just for JSON:API Anymore

EmberConf 2019

Have you ever been completely stumped by a nonstandard API and integrating it with Ember Data? Ember Data “just works” with JSON API out of the box, so often you do not need to know much about the magic behind the scenes. When you have a nonstandard API, however, things can get hairy quick. This talk covers how to leverage the Ember Data hooks to bridge the gap, doing things like manually adding in links and relationships, for side loading data, combining multiple API calls together into one response, changing the entire structure of your data, adding and removing default records and much, much more!


A fireside chat with your favorite web developers

Whiskey Web and Whatnot

Whiskey Web and Whatnot is an informal, whiskey fueled fireside chat with your favorite web devs. We discuss all things web development including JavaScript, TypeScript, EmberJS, React, Astro, SolidJS, CSS, HTML, Web3, and more, but we also get to know the human side of developers and their hobbies outside of work.